Meet Blessing

Hello There! I’m Blessing Richardson. From GeoCities webpages to enterprise cloud solutions, I discovered my love of coding before I turned double-digits. By age 17, I was a freelance web designer.

I went on to college, discovered coffee, got my degree in software engineering, married my high-school sweet heart, and then got a corporate job. Sounds pretty cliché.

Considering my family immigrated from Nigeria to Canada and landed down in the United States, by way of a visa lottery, my story is nothing short of a miracle. A testament to the grace of God.

But let’s rewind.

During my high school and college years, I spent a lot of time volunteering with non-profits. I did a bit of everything – photography, developing websites, designing marketing campaigns, and leading editorial publications.

After graduating college, I landed a job at a tech company and later shifted into private software consulting.

My time volunteering taught me how teams can really struggle with inefficient systems and shaky tech.

On the flip side, my corporate experience showed me how Fortune 500 companies use technology to tackle these very same issues.

Here’s the deal. It didn’t matter if I was volunteering, building enterprise apps, or developing SaaS products. The success of any project came down to clear and repeatable processes. And the best projects used software to create time and capacity.

Sayla was founded with the belief that software automation, done right, should make corporate gains normative for small teams.

The absence of red tape and large org-charts is an advantage. It means your lean processes and simpler systems are ripe for automation. What happens when your team eliminates busy work? What happens when apps you pay for month-over-month, produce exponentially more value than what they cost to maintain?

With a digital-first strategy, these answers go from lofty goals to your reality. That is the power of software automation, done right!